Monday, June 20, 2011

Busan: Temple with Ocean View

I've little interest in temples and this one is nothing special.  Great location though. 

This picture of the stone marking the turnoff for the temple was taken from the nearest bus stop, where it's like 20 torturous minutes between buses and you know if you hail a cab you'll see the bus in the rear-view mirror pulling up as you ride off.

Sitting dude is meditating on the pain of catastrophic testicular injury.  (It's all in the eyes.)

This zodiacal statue may be famous but is clearly not well-paid.

Monk statue reads by the glimmering of your pocket change.

I don't need to translate this because it obviously boils down to "stick money on me, is lucky, thx."

Here you can see my lovely companion lobbing change from the bridge.

Landing a coin in one of the bowls is rewarded with good luck.  Even misses are lucky for the House. 

Ten million years from now this will all have been destroyed by erosion.  I'm just saying.

Can't take a picture of anything in Korea without some punter's head ruining your shot.

This oceanographic research institute is not affiliated with Buddha.  Probably very lucky though, being just downwind from the temple.  Warm thermals of luck blow over it daily.  Local meteorologists track clouds of luck and calculate a luck index.  It's like air pollution.  Very fortunate air pollution.

Buddha Meditating by Ocean says, "Om nom cash nom nom."

You may burn incense sticks in front of meditating Buddha or, if you'd rather skip the proxy, viz. the monk selling incense sticks, you may offer him coin of the realm.

These porcine representatives of the temple are kept fat and happy by your generosity.  Please give.

The lanterns are for Buddha's birthday bash.

Ajummas drink lucky Buddha water from a stream flowing past the world's largest collection of Buddhist Precious Moments© figurines.  There's also a dank, basementy "spring," accessible via stairs and lit by candles, where the faithful can enjoy sparing the temple the expense of installing and maintaining a sump pump.

Buddha's #1!

Giant golden Buddha happily accepts a donation.

I support leash laws.


Friends visited the temple hours later and photographed Lazy Ajumma still sleeping on the job.

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