Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busan: Haeundae Beach

Behold:  mainland Korea's best beach.

Beach zamboni!
No public space in Korea is complete without a weird sculpture.  This guy's Korean and even he's thinking "WTF is this thing and how many of my tax won are in it?"

Busan tries to concentrate all the beach's filth at designated smoking areas.  Looks to be working.
Smokey the Smoldering Cigarette says "Butt out!"

Here you can practice beating your wife.

Why not satiate the appetite raised by your vigorous simulated wife-beating at a nearby restaurant?

Absolutely no horse-drawn carriages are allowed on the beach.  Amish will be prosecuted.


You can see the famed jackass penguin.

I came down here to use the convenience but surely will direct my attention rightwards to inspect the promised Fish Car!

It's a Hyundai turned into a fish tank.

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