Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busan: Haeundae Beach Love Motels

Went to Busan last month, took a lot of pictures, didn't even tell you about it.  Allow me to right this wrong starting with an expose of Busan love motels.  Your first question is undoubtedly "What's a love motel?" and I'm glad you asked!  A love motel is where Koreans/Japanese take their lovers for assignations.  Hourly pricing is often available and staying more than one night is discouraged.  Love motels are awesome because they're often cheap, typically clean, and frequently wacky.  

Nothing says Romance! like Space Invaders?

I think it's sweet when two professional wrestlers find love in each other's arms.

No Space Invaders inside.  Only zebras...

...and late-19th-century English poetry.

Oh! Motel promises to be the best as well as crazy and sexy...

...but is simply ugly.
We decided to stay in Bally Motel.

(Mostly for the jacuzzi.)

The London street scene wallpaper helped.  Also, the (unphotographable) blue lights.  This room lights up like the inside of a neon blueberry.
This one's for you, nerd.

An odd business model; the minibar must be murderously expensive.

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