Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeongjong Airport Town

The Incheon airport is not in Incheon proper but rather on an island a bit off shore.  The island is also host to a municipal unit called "Yeongjong Airport Town," which I think the Oceanside Hotel is probably part of.  Here are some pictures:

It's nice that the button for crossing the street has braille for the blind, but how will a blind person ever find it?

The view out my window.
I had the pleasure of being above the Hotel's rubbish heap.
The toilet in my room boasts a bidet and heated seat.  I used trial, error and courage to figure out the controls.
This creepyish carving hangs over the headboard of my bed, staring down at me with its dead eyes.
This shower stall stands just outside the Oceanside Hotel's entrance.  It's caulked, nicely tiled and obviously placed with intention but has no plumbing.  I cannot fathom its purpose.

The beach is 2 walking minutes away and wretched.
A line of washed-up filth as far as the eye can see.  All the visible structures are drink joints.
I saw several interesting items on the beach, including this dead rodent and (not pictured) a used hypodermic.
An important warning.  The bridge to Jamjin Island hosts one of these every 50 yards for the benefit of drivers wanting sense and memory.
I saw many Koreans digging for clams or oysters or whatever at Jamjin Island.

I presume these grim implements sold by a nearby store are for the purpose of unearthing and killing said clams/oysters.

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