Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Pictures of Kyung Hee U

The university's triumphal arch.

Yes, in addition to the pretentious statuary, someone carved "NEO-RENAISSANCE" into the thing.

This sort of explains what the "NEO-RENAISSANCE" is all about.  By the way, you can click on these pictures to see them full-size.

This stuff is unsettling at night.

Miniature Washington Monument.  There are at least 2 other such edifices on the campus.

Creepy statue of pervert in bushes.

Weird sculpture. I think this is used to open bottles.

The foliage is lush where it's allowed to grow.

On your right are the building used for lectures, the women's dorm, and finally the men's dorm at the end.

Soccer field with coliseum-style seating.

Doodles from an extremely frustrating meeting.

The best example of hangeulized English I've yet seen.  The hangeul is read "guh reen cone tuh role."  You have to do some serious tai chi in front of this thing to get it to turn on and then it halfheartedly blows room-temperature air at you.

On the right:  my favorite warning sign so far.  Obviously it means "don't lean on the door or you might fall down when it opens."  When I first saw it I thought "no relaxing!"

This is 3 days after the taking of blood.  The color's not so good in this picture but the wound is clear.  About 6 inches of my arm is sickly yellow.

This thing is about a mile away from the university.  I photographed it so you can see what a typical commercial building looks like.  Every floor is home to several businesses of wildly disparate types and they all have bright signs advertising their presence.

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