Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have more (modern) Korean art for you.

There's a Chagall exhibition in town which I thought I might like to take in until I arrived at the museum and discovered admission was 13,000 won, a revelation which caused me suddenly to realize I don't know who Chagall was and don't want to find out at the going rate.  Happily, said museum offers a free exhibition of work by contemporary Korean artists, much of which is strange and reproduced below for you in photographs.

Nine foam panels on randomly pivoting mechanical arms.  Inexplicable.  I shot a video.

I think they meant "do not touch."

We know.
I'll let this artist's work speak for itself.

I think Stryper shot a video here in 1986.

What do you think:  does the fire alarm ruin it?

This is why people think modern art is too easy.

A binocular box that displays a different video clip to each eye.  I remember a dancing woman and a bear or something.  I chuckled.

A translucent plastic garden shed surrounded by drywall.  There's about two feet of gap between the drywall and the shed, so you can circumambulate in there.  This exhibit is meant either to remind you the Other will always be immune to your penetrating extrospection--opaque even at an intimate remove--or to totally waste your time.

Nightmare fuel.

The gift shop sells Korean-style ties.  Colorful!

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