Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My apartment.

I've been holding off on posting apartment pictures because things were a bit dirty in here.  The guy before me was not a clean man and had been living here for five years.  With dogs.  I'm told school employees spent a significant amount of time cleaning the place, and when I arrived they had left all the windows open to disperse the stink.  I'd hate to have seen this place before it was cleaned.  A neighbor who knew the previous tenant visited and said "Oh, you got rid of the smell."

I've since cleaned some more and the place is mostly presentable, if cluttered.  The clutter is mainly due to a dearth of closet space and is therefore not entirely my fault.  So let's get on with the show:

The door.  The lock is controlled by a keypad and also an ordinary keyhole; however, all I know about the key is that I don't have it.  To the left is a combination doorbell/electronic peephole.

A view down the hall.  My neighbors are doing some remodeling.

View from the entryway.  I think the apartment is officially 64 m^2.

Typical Korean entryway.  One leaves one's shoes at the door.

First on the left:  the bathroom.  I don't know what the white plastic thing leaning against the shower is for, but I use it to extend the glass's coverage and further reduce collateral damage at shower time.

I'm lucky to have the glass partition even though it is several inches too narrow.  Many people spray their whole bathroom with every shower.

The shower is complex and finicky.  About 3 mm of the temperature knob's range is comfortable.  There are also body jets and a handheld but I forego the fancy stuff in the interest of preserving the room's dryness.

All of the apartment's hanging space, in one picture!

The main area.  Please note my improvised clothesline, of which I am quite proud.  It's an ethernet cable!

The kitchen.  Above the sink is an ultraviolet dish dryer.  To the dryer's right is a kimchi fridge.  I keep the latter closed because it smells awful in there.  Really awful.

Controls!  On top is a panel for the peephole/intercom.  I don't know how it works, w/e.  Bottom-left is the water heater/underfloor heating system control.  And to the right are light switches.  Not pictured is the loudspeaker above the intercom panel.  The management uses this to make announcements to the building's tenants.  In Korean.  I've heard two so far.

High ceiling.  There's cool recessed lighting up there too.

The chair is nasty, probably a dumpster find.  Thanks, school.

"Here, sleep on this," they said.

Surprise:  stairs!  Yes, I'm one of the relatively lucky few with a loft above my kitchen.  This is actually the exact kind of apartment I hoped for, an officetel with loft.

Here's a better view of the loft from below.  You can also see my strategy for avoiding wrinklage of clothing.

The loft contains midget closets with no capability of hanging anything.

It's maybe 4 feet high and intended for sleeping.  I don't use it for anything yet.

View from above.

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