Friday, October 8, 2010

In case of tissue emergency: Jesus!

Sometimes there's a person standing outside the subway exit nearest my apartment building.  This person intercepts me and gives me marketing stuff.  I think she works in tandem with the anonymous ne'er-do-wells who tape local restaurants' delivery menus to every damn door in my apartment building about once every two weeks.  Then the security guy has to spend an afternoon removing them all.  It's an eternal game of cat and mouse, unless the security guy gets a kickback... 

Anyway, a few weeks ago, the interceptor was distributing to each passerby an ad for a noodle restaurant and a free stick of gum.  I got the package two days in a row.  But the joke's on you, lady:  I don't understand Korean and you have just wasted your gum but I do appreciate your giving me the benefit of the doubt and believing that maybe I can read the prospectus for your noodle restaurant. x2.

Today I was handed something novel:

Two packets of tissues and a pamphlet, all with a Jesus theme!  The pamphlet is 100% Korean and thus meaningless to me.  I can figure out the packets though!

In Korea you carry a packet of tissue for two reasons:  (1) every meal you eat in this country will liquefy your sinuses (2) some public lavatories do not supply tissue.  I guess the idea here is that when next I eat a hot meal in a restaurant with inattentive waitstaff or move my bowels in a poorly stocked convenience I will reach for my packet of Jesus tissue and be evangelized in my moment of shame.  Will keep you posted.

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