Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I climbed Suraksan.

I live right next to 수락산 (Suraksan or Mt. Surak).  I see it from the elevator lobby on my floor every day.  Today I decided to climb it.

My subway station has a helpful map of the mountain paths.

Walking to the path, I discover an instance of poor placement of warning sign and/or tree...

On the way to the mountain there's a babbling brook and tree-lined avenue.

Convenient bilingual signage!

At first I thought "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" but actually it's "Meeting Square".

Scrubby Korean forest.  Nothing majestic about it.

Korean ant!

Somewhat more elevated but still scrubby.

The lower portions of the trail have several trees across the path.

The trail has a major soil erosion problem.  This path must be deadly when it rains.

Exhibit C.

This guy put on a suit before hiking the mountain.  This makes a statement about the ascent or Korean men...

Halfway in, the English signage disappears.  Fortunately, I remember 수락산정상 means "Suraksan summit".

A break in the trees exposes part of the city to view.

The mountain's craggier towards the top.

Suddenly, the trail disappears and the ascent becomes much more difficult.

The summit.

Product placement.

View from the top.

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